June 4, 2008

Furla creates its own foundation and invests €1 million

Today the cultural institution created by Giovanna Furlanetto’s company will be presented in Faenza, Italy, to provide support for young artists.

di Barbara Rodeschini

Modern-day patronage. It is with this in mind that the Furla Foundation will be presented today. Its head office will be in Bologna. The project’s aim is to guarantee the continuity of existing bodies such as the prestigious Furla Prize, for art, and to promote new talent in the contemporary creative circuit. “With the arrival of this institution we are mainly hoping to assist young Italian talents, who gain recognition through the Furla Prize. We want to make it visible on an international level,” explained Giovanna Furlanetto, President of Furla, which closed 2007 at €150 million. “Unlike other foundations, ours is not only a container, as it already boasts the experience of the Furla Prize and therefore has a strong and authoritative presence on the modern stage. The economic undertaking for this year, which also involves preparations for the seventh Prize, scheduled for January 2009, is €1 million. This represents a strong and determined policy in support of art.” The event will take place today in Faenza, where Giovanna Furlanetto, art critic Chiara Bertola and artist Michelangelo Pistoletto will explain the origins that led to the project’s creation as well as its expected goals. The body, which will have its head office in Bologna inside an 18th century barn, offering a space of over 500 m² across two floors, has been designed as a place for cultural meetings and exchanges, in which to admire the works of many international artists including Kiki Smith, Joseph Kossuth, Lara Favaretto, Eva Marisaldi and Sabrina Mezzaqui. The Furla Prize is therefore gaining recognition through an internationalisation process. From 2000, the year of the first edition, the Prize has imposed itself as a hotbed of talent. Over the years, it has boasted exceptional partners such as the Querini Stampalia Foundation, Furla, MAMbo and Unicredit and has been able to identify emerging names that today are well known, including Adrian Paci, Pietro Roccasalva, Christian Frosi and Luca Trevisani, winner of the 2007 Prize. (All rights reserved) 
The 18th century Bologna headquarters of the brand new Furla Foundation